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Pervez Ehsan


Pervez Ehsan a seasoned professional, having a wealth of experience in Banking, Media and International Trading.

During his over all forty years of experience, he has worked fifteen years in banking sector, specializing in Oil and Gas sector. In Media to his success he was core member team that established CNBC Arabia in Dubai. His mandate was to procure all TV Chanel related equipment and establishing Bureaus all over MENA region. He was on CNBC board for five years.

Mr. Ehsan was founding CEO of Northern California at Berkeley California the company provided oil field related materials to Oil companies in ME, IT related products. NCT was beta Tester for Lotus software products.

In 2005 Mr. Ehsan founder Beyond Borders in Dubai with aim to market wide range of materials and products including communication, Airport handling equipment. Beyond Borders was sub-contractor to ATCO solely to provide procurement management and business facilitation to ISAF and NATO. Mr. Ehsan strong collective experience is in International Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Distribution and Brand Management, Military Logistic experience. Two years on-ground operation in Afghanistan associated with ATCO, ISAF and NATO.

Mr. Ehsan graduate in Business Administration. He has Diploma in Programming and System Analysis from Control Data Institute Frankfurt. He has attended several Management courses at MIT Sloan School of Management. HR Resources Management at Cambridge College Int. Asset Management courses at UK. Mr. Ehsan is married with three grown children.

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